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  • Air Conditioners
    • The Stage Is Set

      As the 10 days of negotiations in Vienna on an amendment to the Montreal Protocol to phase out HFCs came to a close, what emerged were clear signs...

  • FPDs
    • The Resolution Revolution

      The announcement of a new standard for HDR TV by ITU brings a major breakthrough for both TV manufacturers and broadcasters.

  • Home Appliances
    • Internet of Threats

      The disruptive nature of the IoT raises its own security challenges. For instance, constrained in memory and computer resources, IoT devices cannot...

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TV Veopar Journal

Over the last 31 years, TV Veopar Journal has established itself as the only National Trade Magazine of the Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, and Air Conditioners Industry in India. A bold editorial policy combined with good coverage has made the magazine popular with all segments of the industry and trade. The editorial backbone of the magazine continues to be our strong research and numbers.
TV Veopar Journal’s strength is in its intensive circulation among the trade, the goodwill in terms of reliability of its bold editorial content it has built over the past 31 years, and the retention and long shelf life of each edition. It is a referral for the dealers, distributors, and SSDs network spanning the entire country, including in metros, class A, B and C cities and towns. This includes modern retail counters. The magazine is also read by television and component manufacturers, government agencies and foreign associates.