While television technology has evolved over the last many decades, the focus of all those improvements has predominantly been on improving the display quality and getting better image resolutions. This has resulted in state-of-the art image with high density pixel resolution. But what has been left behind in this frenetic change is a conscious attempt to improve the sound that televisions deliver. In the race to make TVs thinner and sleeker, the first casualty is the sound output. Hence the consumer today is saddled with fancy televisions sets producing tinny and low quality audio.

Starting now, that is set to change – with the launch of the KY Super Thunder TV from Onida. A television set that redefines high quality audio output. It does this by completely reimagining what great sound is.

Sound science. Behind the game changing design of the Onida KY Super Thunder is a simple insight – sound completes the picture. Hence this television is designed keeping the core principles of audio delivery in mind. The first thing that strikes one is the audacious look of the KY Super Thunder Television set. It comes with a solid sound system which has eight built-in speakers resting proudly on top of the display. The speaker system comprises of eight speakers including two woofers, 4 mid-range speakers and two tweeters. The centerpiece of the engineering design is the proprietary KY-Horn Speakers. Its natural bionic shape mimics the human ear contours to naturally amplify and yet control sonic purity. The cone curvature of the KY-Horn Speakers is calculated with mathematical precision so that the full audio spectrum gets delivered without any distortions. The R&D engineers have developed complex algorithms to deliver thunderous bass and mix it with precise mid and high frequencies. Thanks to the sophisticated design of the resonance chamber and horns, user will enjoy high-resolution peaks and very dynamic deep notes.

Purely digital signal chain for the clearest, most uncompromising sound quality. The incoming sound signal undergoes a complex digital sound processing  procedure enabling frequency selective volume correction and noise elimination to reproduce perfect sound.

Smart design. The Onida KY Super Thunder is designed to deliver a stunning overall experience. The picture quality is 55-inch of 4K pure UHD display with a 178-degree viewing angle. The ADS panel has a high contrast ratio that makes the images crisper. And the super slim design makes the product a display piece with great aesthetics. 

Intelligence inside. The Onida KY Super Thunder is made for today’s generation – smart and connected. It has full Internet connectivity option with a Quad Core Processor which allows for faster browsing and easier multi-tasking. It also runs the most demanding games without lags, thus quenching the thirst of the most avid gamers.  The native Android OS and built-in WiFi along with the 8 GB built-in storage allows the customer to download from millions of apps on the Play Store. The KY Super Thunder comes with the web cruiser point and click remote – which is a sleek, palm sized re-chargeable remote control, keyboard and mouse rolled into one. That along with the user-friendly web browser makes surfing the Internet on the large screen a breeze. It also has screen mirroring to allow projection of content from external mobile devices – so all photographs and albums can now be enjoyed on the large 55-inch screen wirelessly. And if one want to play high end games or watch HD movies from mobile, they can connect it with the KY Super Thunder using the Smart Sharing MHL Cable. What makes the intelligence of the KY Super Thunder truly useful is the personalized home screen which has a user-friendly home interface. All the content is neatly arranged in easy-to-browse panes which can be customized as per the user’s preferences.

The KY Super Thunder takes forward the legacy of the Onida brand which has consistently innovated over the past three decades. Being at the leading edge of technology and design transformation has been at the core of Onida’s offerings and this is now taken forward in the form of being the first Television set in the world which has the Horn technology built into it. 

All this ensures that while the Onida KY Super Thunder draws in the curious because of its stunning looks, its smart features and category-defying sound will blow away the connoisseur of sound. – TV Veopar Journal Bureau