Kakao and Samsung Electronics' home appliances have signed an agreement to expand their partnership for a smart home appliance business by providing Kakao Talk, the nation's most-used mobile instant messenger, and the company's AI platform, dubbed "Kakao I," for the electronics  maker's devices. 

The move followed a previous announcement earlier last month that they will cooperate in synchronizing the Kakao I platform to Samsung's voice-recognizing digital assistant system Bixby. 

"We will be able to widen our access points to provide the Kakao I platform to more customers who use Samsung's mobile devices and home appliances by signing this additional deal with the electronics maker," said Kim Byung-hak, the head of Kakao's AI division. 

Samsung Electronics' smart appliances business Vice President Koo Sung-gy said, "The collaboration of Samsung's differentiated smart home appliance technologies and Kakao's advanced mobile platform will create new value in lives with the internet of things (IoT). We will focus on developing technologies and services that allows consumers to use IoT more conveniently in daily life." According to Kakao, the smart home appliance service it will launch with Samsung Electronics will allow consumers control the electronics company's home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners with Kakao Talk messages or verbal orders through its voice-recognizing digital assistant device, called "Kakao Mini." 

"Our diverse online-to offline services, voice engine and chatbot technologies will be available on Samsung's home appliances," a Kakao official said. 

Kakao and Samsung said their smart home appliance service will start with simple features such as turning electronics devices on and off through verbal commands and mobile messages and will improve it to learn from user patterns for more sophisticated functions. – Korean Times