Flipkart is experimenting with artificial-intelligence (AI) techniques to help users find reviews that are relevant to them.

"Different users have different needs," said Ram Papatla, vice-president of product at Flipkart. "Popular categories like mobiles and electronics tend to attract thousands of reviews, making it impossible for users to consume all the information," he said.

Now, Flipkart gives people browsing through such products on the site a macro-level pie-chart like view where he/she can see user ratings against key product aspects in the review section. It serves as a quick reference for the user to evaluate or compare multiple products. Amar Nagaram, vice-president, engineering, at Flipkart, said: "Nouns become aspects, adjectives reflect the opinion."

He said every opinion has a polarity associated with it. "Say, awesome vs okay... Obviously, awesome is a higher positive sentiment." On tapping on an aspect, the user is redirected to the reviews page where he/she gets a more detailed view of the review snippets which contributed to the specific aspect rating. This feature also has a set of challenges to deal with.  – Gadgets Now