LG Display announced it is roadmap at the 2017 Europe OLED Day. Next year will not be dramatically different from 2016 and 2017, with 55-77 inch OLED TV sizes, but starting in 2019 the company has some major things planned. LG Display will introduce an 80 inch 8K OLED TV panel and in 2020 introduce smaller OLED TV panels in the 40-49 inch segment. The company also expects to debut rollable OLED in 2020. In 2019, LG Display is planning to debut an 80-inch OLED TV panel with 8K resolution, which offers 4x as many pixels as 4K and 16x as many as Full HD. To benefit from such high resolution you need to sit relatively close to a large TV. The company also revealed that starting in late 2019 or early 2020 it would introduce a smaller size between 40 to 49 inches.  LG Display expects to introduce the first rollable OLED TV panels in 2020. These types of displays will be highly flexible and durable to enable new types of products and installations. The future also holds transparent and flexible + transparent OLED panels but these are mainly designed for industrial applications. Many of these innovations will be produced in LG’s 10.5-generation OLED factory in Paju, South Korea. LG Display will possibly switch from bottom emission to top emission, which – all else being equal – will allow for a 10 percent improvement in light output, and make possible 65 inch 8K OLED TVs.  – OLED Musings