Zeon is adding a new production line to boost output of films used for flat-panel OLED displays, President Kuniaki Tanaka said. Demand for large-screen televisions using OLEDs is climbing as prices decline, he said in an interview. Zeon produces ZEOCOAT   in a liquid state, which is applied using the various coating methods to form a highly transparent thin film by drying at about 150°C. ZEOCOAT   has excellent thermal resistance and is less susceptible to heat decomposition. ZEOCOAT   also exhibits high performance in electric insulation, having a dielectric constant of 3.0, which is lower than that of conventional products. 

In addition, ZEOCOAT  can be used in the forming of micron-sized patterns by photolithography. The Tokyo-based company is planning to spend several tens of billions of yen to increase capacity by 10 percent within the next few years. A key product by the company, ZeonorFilm, is used for smartphone and tablet displays because of its durability, transparency and lighter weight, making it an attractive alternative to glass. Zeon's stock has more than doubled in the past five years on booming 

demand for smartphones. Revenue is on track to rise 11 percent in the current fiscal year through March, according to the average of analysts' forecasts compiled by Bloomberg. "When people buy 55 -inch OLED televisions for 100,000-plus yen (SUSD 1,197.74), demand will expand rapidly," Mr. Tanaka said. "The number of people switching to OLED from LCD will climb." Zeon has been steadily increasing film output, and recently added a sixth production line at a factory in Toyama, boosting annual production capacity to 119 million meters. Operating income for Zeon's specialty materials segment is forecast to rise 45 percent to 14.3 billion yen in the current fiscal year. – OLED Musings