Foxconn announced it would build a Gen 10.5, USD 8.8 billion LCD production fab in Guangzhou, China.  The fab, which would be built under the auspices of Sharp, a Foxconn affiliate,  was  to  be  completed  in  2019  and  was  to  focus  on  producing  8K ultra  large  TV  panels.   Little  has  been  said  about  the  progress  of  the  fab,  and negotiations  with  the  local  Guangzhou  government  had  bogged  down  last September,  likely  delaying  the  start-up  date.  While  not  directly  related  to  the Foxconn  fab,  Corning Display  Technology  Guangzhou  recently  completed  its registration  process  for  active  company  status  in  the  Zengcheng  District  of Guangzhou.  The Corning project, which will cost ~USD 300 million will likely supply the new Foxconn/Sharp fab when it is completed, and will be constructed simultaneously with the new display fab.  Despite the site manager’s disagreement, the fabs start-up was extended to the end of 2019.  If construction were to begin tomorrow, it would take 16 to 18 months to completion and another 6 months for infrastructure, equipment delivery, and production tuning.  Chinese construction crews do take schedules quite seriously and if they are able to meet more aggressive goals, the original September target  could  be  met,  but  for  now,  even  with  the  encouraging  signs  that  major suppliers  are  moving  forward,  year-end  2019  is  most  likely. Neither  Sharp  nor Foxconn has mentioned making the fab dual use for LCDs and OLEDs, although the backplane is expected to use IGZO. – OLED Musings