Hisense has announced its 2018 range of ultra high definition ULED and laser smart TVs at CES in Las Vegas.

The company first introduced its Laser TV towards the end of last year – a high resolution short throw projector with built-in Harman/Kardon sound and a TV tuner.

Its first model was a 100-inch Laser TV, and Hisense has announced that it will launch 80-inch and 88-inch models this year – in addition to a new 100-inch version.

“Hisense owns 60 percent of the market share for 85-inch TVs and above because of Laser TV,” said the president of Hisense, Liu Hong Xin.

“Multiple companies are now entering the Laser TV market.”

Hisense also announced a new range of ULED Smart TVs, including the Hisense U7 and U9 World Cup Edition.

The company unveiled the U9 last year, with the panel promising 1,056 zones of full array local dimming capability.

Hisense announced the following specifications for its new range of smart ULED and Laser TVs. - Brinkwire