Amazon is working hard behind the scenes to make Alexa reach more houses in India. It already has three Echo speakers doing the job but the company is also working with OEMs to further spread its wings. While the smart speaker market in India is still at a nascent stage, companies are gearing up for it. One of the OEMs, BPL, has already revealed it is working with Amazon for Alexa-based devices. Now, it has confirmed some more details on its upcoming smart speaker.

BPL is one of the first few companies to make use of the company's Alexa voice services kit. "Yes, BPL is with working closely with Amazon to bring in new voice-based speaker technologies to India. This is part of BPL's overall partnership with Amazon and goes beyond just selling consumer durables on their platform," said Manmohan Ganesh, chief operating officer, BPL, to GadgetsNow in an email interview.

What has also been confirmed is that BPL will not just launch one Alexa speaker in India, there will be at least two of them. One is a slightly high-end model while the other one will fall in the budget segment. Ganesh adds that the more powerful speaker will take around 4-5 months to hit the markets, until then, the firm will be launching a basic Alexa speaker in the country.  – Gadgets Now