Customer experience is the key to gain success in ecommerce Easy and fast shopping is the key customer experience that ecommerce portals need to offer. This along with multiple modes of payment, suggestions on related items etc, make the experience even better for the user. Ecommerce portals now need to focus on personalized customer experience to customers.

After almost 10 years of being around, attracting and retaining the customers from Tier-1 cities is something that e commerce portals have already achieved. But to scale and make profits, they need to get a larger audience to shop online. Considering, that as of April last year, India stood 44th among the top 50 companies in the Global Connectivity Index, lightweight app like websites have become one the newest offerings to customers. A progressive web app, is a website that can work in a low connectivity area or places with 2G or 3G connectivity as it is light weight. The website looks and has features similar to apps, making it a viable option for low end mobile devices with a space crunch.

Aiming at a larger reach in rural areas and clearly seeing that the app only model does work many companies launched PWA in recent times. Some of the companies who have already launched lightweight app like websites are cab aggregator Ola, ecommerce giant Flipkart had launched ‘Flipkart Lite’, online eyewear retailer Lenskart launched a light weight website that can work even when there is no internet connectivity. In the real estate space there are companies like Housing, Proptiger and Magic bricks have come up with lightweight websites.

Taking away from the fact that e commerce companies can not give an in shop experience, companies have used technology to their advantage to overcome this drawback. Various companies have used Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to give customers an in shop experience online. Whether it is seeing how a sofa in looks in your house or if a lipstick matches your skin tone. AR/VR has made ecommerce or shopping online a immersive experience.

Some companies who have already taken advantage of the technology as Pepperfry and Urban ladder to give customers a idea of how the piece of furniture will look in their house. Also, real estate sector portals such as use the technology to give users a walk through the whole house, which gives the user an experience similar to walking through an actual house. Fashion portals such as NYkaa are also using the technology..

Keeping user engaged on the site and having them spend minimum time to search their desired item is an indicator of a good user experience. One of the ways this can be achieved is by using analytics to predict what items the consumer would be interested to buy. This can be done using past buying history of the user or even the data on what people generally buy. Online shopping is all about saving time and efforts and predictive analysis gives sites exactly that. Sites like Myntra, Voonik and most other fashion e-tailer are already using this. Many companies such as Mad Street Den are providing the technology to the portals.  – CIO