Sharp Home Electronics Company of America (SHCA) has announced the shipping of its latest generation of microwave drawer - model SMD2480CS - which features a first-of-its-kind easy wave open feature, allowing for quick, touchless opening. The model joins the company's complete line of microwave drawers, all built to maximize design versatility.

The 3rd generation Sharp microwave drawer, which opens smoothly with a simple wave of your hand near the motion sensor, boasts an all-new, elegant and stylish design for a premium kitchen. Its concealed, touch-glass controls with dampened drop-down panel opens to an easy-to-read and operate 45-degree angle.

"Our new Micro-WAVE drawer takes Sharp's industry-leading microwave technology to the next level with the integration of our easy wave open feature," said Jim Sanduski, President, Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America. "Since its introduction, the microwave drawer has been embraced by designers, architects and consumers alike, and our third-generation model represents Sharp's steadfast commitment to remaining at the forefront of kitchen innovation."

Dream Kitchen with a Wave of the Hand

The ultimate in smart kitchen solutions, the Sharp Micro-WAVE Drawer features a modern, edge-to-edge black glass design, a stainless-steel finish and bright, LED interior lighting. It also includes built-in airflow control for cabinet flush mounting. With a touch of a button or a gentle nudge, the patented Easy Touch Automatic Draw System smoothly closes the oven to avoid messy spills.

"Who has not had that awkward moment when they needed to press a button or pull on a handle of an appliance but they did not have a free hand?" asked Peter Weedfald, SVP of Sales and Marketing, SEMCA. "When creating the Micro-WAVE, our goal was to produce a microwave that would be easier to use than any other on the market without sacrificing the stylish, stainless steel design that our Microwave Drawer line of products is known for, and we've succeeded."

Key Features and Benefits: Sharp's Microwave Drawer Oven SMD2480CS

• Easy Wave Open for quick, touchless opening of the microwave drawer

• Touch Glass Control panel that is easy-to-see and operate at a convenient 45-degree angle

• Standard 24-Inch, edge-to-edge black glass design, stainless steel finish

• 1.2 cubic feet capacity can accommodate a 4-quart casserole dish or a 20-oz beverage cup

• Preset Menus such as reheat, defrost, sensor cook and popcorn settings

• Bright, LED interior lighting

• Easy Touch Automatic Draw System helps prevent spills during opening and closing

• Microwave Drawer's low sides make cleaning simple

• Optional 30-inch extension kit sold separately

• MSRP USD 1749.99

                                                                               – PR Newswire