Nikkei reported on the role of a number of Japanese companies in furthering the development of flexible OLED displays. Sumitomo Chemical and Showa Denko have developed a polarizer with low discoloration while being highly transparent and resistant to folding creases.  The film has already been tested to 20,000 folds without any distortion. Fuji Film is developing a film type cover for OLED displays. 

Showa Denko participates in a the touch film sensor market.  Showa Denko and NISSHIA are trying to develop touch sensor, using silver ink material, which has folding capability superior to conventional type ITO sensors.  Ube Industries, which makes the polyimide (PI) used in flexible displays and Kaneka have developed films to replace glass. This PI pressed film features heat resistance of 400~500 °C combined with a relatively high bending modulus. – OLED Musings