Haier has launched a new TV commercial featuring its range of BMRs. Conceptualized around a theme India, Ab Seedhe Ki Aadat Daal Lo, the TV commercial portrays differentiated proposition of Haier’s bottom mounted refrigerator (BMR) technology in a creative way with a vision to resonate with the masses.

The commercial showcases glimpses of a busy Indian city, where people have over time developed a habit of doing things their own way instead of following the right way. Be it trivial issues like attending phone calls in silent spaces like a yoga class or bigger concerns such as bribing officials to ensure our work gets done, we are always looking at ways of getting around the rules with jugaad. Bound together with the track, Yahan Ulti Ganga Behti Hai, Reverse Mein India Rehti Hai, the TVC reaches its climax with the narrator asking India to give up living in reverse (ulti aadatein) and embrace Haier’s revolutionary BMRs as their new refrigerator of choice. The commercial will run across 60 TV channels including leading national, regional, general interest, music, sports and news channels in eight languages.

With a BMR, consumers get the benefit of having the refrigerator section on the top half and the freezer placed at the bottom, to reduce the need for users to repeatedly bend while accessing commonly used items from the refrigerator. Further, it also focuses on the notion of convenience, accessibility and visibility, where convenience stands for minimizing the need for users to bend by 90 percent, Accessibility for easy reach to all the sections of the refrigerator and lastly, Visibility for appropriate brightness in all sections of the refrigerator even in the least used areas.

Eric Braganza, President, Haier India said, “Haier has been a pioneer of the BMR technology in India and around the world. We introduced the technology in India in 2007 with the Ulte ko Seedha campaign and since then there have been several product design and technology changes in line with our efforts to create the perfect solution meant for today’s modern contemporary families. With the latest TVC campaign around India Ab Seedhe Ki Aadat Daal Lo, we reiterate the benefits and value proposition of the newly launched Haier 8-in-1 BMR range as opposed to traditional refrigerators in a more engaging and thought-provoking manner with our prospective target audience.”

Raj Kamble, Founder and CCO, Famous Innovations, adds, “The competition is aggressively marketing features in this category. Having done that with Haier BMR already last year, we now wanted to take things to the next level. These little upside down things that we Indians do are wrong but also quite endearing, because it’s just so us! It’s a light take on our ulti aadats that, one of which i.e. bending down to get things from the fridge, is being corrected by Haier. Hence, the idea – India, Ab Seedhe ki aadat daal lo!

Following a 360 degree approach, Haier will run all its marketing initiatives via various platforms, such as electronic, print, OOH, digital and social, in-store branding, press, broadcast etc. – Exchange4Media