Companies like Google launching new products in India like Google home and home mini smart speakers will give a boost to IoT. These will be available across channels including Flipkart, which is the exclusive online partner.

IoT category in India should see jump in adoption with Google Home-like products: Flipkart Google Home smart speaker the IoT category globally might be steadily growing and seeing adoption in different markets but it is yet to strike a chord with the Indian audience. This, however, could change with products like Google Home smart speaker that was announced in India earlier this week. Google has launched its new set of smart speakers in India with an exclusive online partnership with Flipkart. Globally, the home automation market has seen massive adoption rate and is believed to stand at about USD 80 billion markets. We sat down with Adarsh Menon, Head of Private Labels and Electronics at Flipkart, to understand how IoT category could see a jump in India with big brands finally coming to the rescue.\

"The IoT category is largely split into two sub-categories – wearables and then there is home automation. Wearables, of course, is the large part of IoT including smartwatches, fitness tracker, and more. The category is extremely nimble because like anything to do with technology, consumer needs change overnight," Menon added. Stressing that the IoT category has great possibilities in a market like India, Menon added that a lot of the innovations in the home automation space are driven by startups bringing in fascinating products in the IoT space. With Google bringing Home and home mini smart speakers, now affording the possibility of product integrations, one would now be able to witness a growth in these startups, with a larger spread of their products across the market. Talking about the most recent Google Home launch, Flipkart's Menon explained, "Home automation category is at a nascent stage in India. For the category to scale up, we need big brands like Google. We are working with brands across these niche categories to bring them to customers in the country." Google Home and home mini smart speakers have been launched in India and will be available across channels including Flipkart which is the exclusive online partner. Google Home and Google home mini have been launched at Rs. 9999, and Rs. 4499 respectively.

Like 2-3 years back, fitness bands were the main thing but now smartwatches that have fitness features integrated have taken the spotlight. And for all right reasons, this is a very fast-growing market," he added. Talking about IoT category, Menon said that globally, the smart wearables category is estimated to be about 115 million units growing at a rate of 27 percent year-on-year. However, the Indian market is still developing, currently standing at about 3.3 million units, but rapidly growing at 35 percent year-on-year and is expected to be approximately 5 million units next year.

Products like Google Home or home mini basically gives you an edge to keep a track of everything going on in your home. Right from controlling your lights, switches and more, using compatible smart devices from brands like Philips Hue and TP-Link. Just get started with Ok Google or Hey Google voice command followed by whatever you want to get done. For example, Hey Google turn off the room light or Ok Google play the latest show from Netflix.

Talking about how Flipkart can play a major role in pushing the IoT category, Menon stressed that the online share of wearables in India stands at a whopping 80 percent which means those who want to try such products are already online. "Flipkart has been the pioneer of this category in India and commands a 45 percent share of this market, driving aggressive growth in this category over the past few years, to the tune of 90 percent quarter-on-quarter," he added.

Menon further said that Flipkart plans to sell around 2.5 million units of wearables between April 2018 to March 2019. He also stressed that products like smartwatches or Google Home are not just things that will pull the category. "There is traction in other smart product categories also, like smart lighting, smart surveillance products and smart locks. We expect these to also grow well in the coming days," he said.

Flipkart is working on bringing new products and brands for the customers which will be sold through the online retailer. Menon also confirmed that Flipkart will be offering a demo of the new Home and Home Mini speakers during installation for free. "Starting with the Google Home, Flipkart would now be offering customers a full-fledged demo of the Google Home, educating the customer on how to use the Home and the various use cases of the device. All this at absolutely no cost to the customer," he added. – Times Now News