After setting up four factories world-wide (3 in Europe and 1 in Malaysia) and selling more than 2.2 million appliances in a year, Liebherr has recently inaugurated its manufacturing unit in India; at the Shendra Industrial Park in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The factory was inaugurated by two of the Liebherr Group’s shareholders Dr. Isolde Liebherr and Stefanie Wohlfarth in the presence of other dignitaries and dealers from across the country.

This is Liebherr’s first refrigerator factory in India. Spread over 50 acres, this facility is equipped with smart manufacturing features, processes and assets capable of relaying accurate data and integrated traceability system for production planning and review. With production in full swing, the total production capacity is around 500,000 units a year. The domestic appliances product division manufactures refrigerators and freezers in five countries for domestic and commercial use, including India.

Liebherr believes that the demand for home appliances in India is going to grow significantly in the next few years, primarily driven by a strong economic outlook. The growing demand, coupled with government support for the sector has encouraged investments in this sector. The positive demand variables can be attributed to the growing urban and semi urban population with rising disposable income and aspirations which is positively inclined towards adopting newer and more modern technologies.

Talking about growth potential of the Indian market, Dr. Isolde Liebherr said, “India is an important growth market for us. We see a huge scope for cooling appliances in India as the rapid changes in lifestyle have led to rise in demand of those appliances, which makes life more comfortable and easier. With the establishment of the new factory in India, we are able to offer our very best high-end technology to the Indian market”.

She further added, “Our first factory was inaugurated in 1954 and the fact that it is still operational in Germany and producing a high number of premium appliances is a true testimony to the quality standards and performance levels adhered by us.”

Speaking at the inauguration, Radhakrishna Somayaji, Chief Sales Officer, Liebherr Appliances India Private Limited said, "In keeping with Liebherr brand values; our manufacturing strategy for Aurangabad will be to deliver high quality appliances, establish global standards, employ the best team and partner with a world-class local supplier base. As experts in the B2C/B2B segment, we understood the requirements in India are different from that of other parts of the world and hence it was advisable to manufacture in India blending our German technology with an Indian flavor.

For more than 60 years now, refrigeration and freezing equipment from Liebherr has carried the mark of quality, design and innovation as its brand philosophy. Thanks to innovative technologies, high quality materials and processes which we follow during manufacturing which make our products durable and energy-efficient." – TV Veopar Journal Bureau