Sai Krishna Agencies, West Godavari

Kiran Gupta

Brands Retailed: LG, Intex, Panasonic, and Sony

Annual Turnover (2016-17): Rupee; 27 crore

Projected Turnover (2016-17): Rupee; 30 crore

LED TV sales in H1 2017 were tremendous in terms of volume, owing to pre-GST discount offers and decreasing shelf life of televisions. Smart TVs with screen sizes of 40-inch and above were the highlights of the period. H2, the festive season period, is usually extremely brisk and expected to register no growth. Footfall in the store has declined.

TJ Entreprises, Mumbai

IS Thakur

Brands Retailed: Videocon, Intex, Samsung, and Sony

Annual turnover (2016-17): Rupee; 3.5 crore

Projected Growth (2017-18): Rupee;15 percent

H1 and H2 2017 have presented two opposite pictures. On one hand, pre-GST scenario offered us upbeat market conditions, especially for smart LED TVs, with shelves emptying in no time. On the other hand, we have had difficulty in refilling the stock owing to GST implementation and attracting consumers. H2 is the time of festive offers, but we witnessed a de-growth of 2-3 percent during Onam and Ganesh Chaturthi sales. We foresee the rest of the festive period not experiencing significant growth if companies will not give heavy discount offers anymore.

Gupta Radio TV & Centre, New Delhi

Amit Gupta

Brands Retailed: Videocon, LG, Intex, Samsung, Philips, Sansui, and Sony

Annual turnover (2016–2017): Rupee; 3.5 crore

Projected Growth (2017-18): Rupee; 15 percent

January-June 2017 went unexpectedly well for LED TVs, being one of the most popular segments among consumer electronics. We sold sales of the entire year in just six months, mainly owing to the chaos caused in the market by demonetization and GST. Till now H2 has been going slow, despite the festival of Onam and Ganesh Chaturthi. We are still waiting for Navratras to begin as many consumers avoid shopping during Shraadh. However, we feel it is not going to be as good as the last festive season.

Kashika Enterprises, Varanasi

Ajit Updhyay

Brands Retailed: Haier, V-Guard, Racold, Khaitan, and Usha

Water Heaters Sales (2015-16): Rupee;2500 units

Annual turnover (2016–2017): Rs.47 crore

Projected growth: 15 percent

We experienced a sales growth of 20 percent in water heaters. This product category is gaining momentum, primarily because of ease of use, energy efficiency in comparison with traditional methods of water heating, and rising awareness among consumers regarding advantages of water heaters. Electric water heaters dominate, followed by gas water heaters. Instead of focusing solely on price factor, consumers are now enquiring about all the features. The impact of GST implementation is expected to slow down FY 2018.

Radhika Sales Corporation, Pune

Kishore Punjabi

Brands Retailed: Racold and AO Smith

Water Heaters Sales (2016-17): Rupee; 1100 units

Annual Turnover Rupee;67 crore

Projected Growth (2017-18): Rupee;15 percent

Sales of water heaters  from our counter were flat in 2016-17. Penetration is low in our region and many consumers do not consider the product a necessity as they prefer alternate water heating solutions, such as immersion rods. Moreover, global warming every year has reduced the potential in the market. Lack of knowledge among consumers about various new features is also hampering our growth prospects. We expect better market conditions in the next year with at least 15 percent growth.

Shiva Enterprises, Karnal

Harsh Gupta

Brands Retailed: Khaitan

Water Heaters Sales (2016-17): Rupee; 600 units

Annual Turnover Rupee;8 crore

Projected Turnover (2017-18) Rupee;10 crore

There was marginal growth in water heaters sales. One of the main reasons for this is short winters. 5-star models with fiber and AVF body are preferred by consumers. Willingness to spend a little more on energy efficient models for long term benefits is increasing among consumers. Additional features, such as MP3 players are also being added in premium models. These seem irrelevant at present as India still lags behind in penetration of water heaters.

Radio Electric Stores and Agencies, Shillong

Pritesh Jasrasaria

Brands Retailed: Racold, AO Smith, and Bajaj Electricals

Water Heaters Sales (2016-17): Rupee;1300 units

Annual Turnover Rupee;12 crore

Projected Growth (2017-18): Rupee;17 percent

The water heaters market this financial year was better than the last year. We experienced 12 percent growth in the segment owing to increasing penetration  in Tier-III cities. Storage-based water heaters hold 60 percent market share. Gas water heaters are losing share because of disadvantages such as gas leakage and a shorter life span. Smart features are not yet being appreciated by our consumers.

General Agencies, Bishrampur

Anil Agrawal

Brands Retailed: V-Guard, Bajaj, and Havells

Water Heaters Sales (2016-17): Rupee;400 units

Annual Turnover:Rupee;" Rupee;6 crore

Projected Turnover (2017-18):Rupee; 6 crore

Unfavorable factors, such as short winters and demonetization have affected sales. We expected the segment to grow 15–18 percent; however we could register only 10 percent growth. Instant as well as storage-based electric water heaters continue to remain consumer’s preference in our region. They are highly price sensitive. Since their usage is seasonal and limited to only heating water, consumers are not willing to spend extra on smart features.

GD Khanna & Sons, Shimla

Surendra Khanna

Brands Retailed: Racold, Bajaj Electricals, Sunflame, and Marc

Water Heaters Sales (2016-17): 450 units

We recorded a mere 9 percent growth for water heaters in 2016–17. AVF body heaters are driving the market in our region. Energy efficient models are now gaining momentum. Demonetization and GST implementation has impacted sales. This time of the year is usually lucrative, but we are witnessing