The technology growth story has long focused on the consumer – and that story continues. But as enterprises look to technology to facilitate their own transformation, the opportunities for technology companies have broadened considerably.


Refrigerators are no longer merely storage devices for food, but are devices that families use together. They are a central kitchen appliance, and will soon allow people to communicate and not only store food but even purchase and manage it.

Air Conditioners

While air conditioners increase market penetration, the energy guzzler that they are, sustainability vis-à-vis power supply is a big question mark. 


The Indian Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) for FPD sets is estimated at 2.07 million sets in 2016, a 50.76 percent increase over 1.373 million sets in 2015. Dixon continues to dominate with a 42 percent market share, and Malhotra Electronics contributes 22 percent to the market. Other manufacturers are SVL Group, Noble, Videotex, and Conic. 


The flat panel display (FPD) market in 2016 is estimated at 261 million units, amounting to an estimated revenue generation of USD 100.8 billion worldwide.