The global FPD market has noticed a decline in the last two consecutive years, but with 2017 emerging market there are expectations for a rise in revenue by nearly 9.3 percent accounting to USD 110 billion. 

HDR technology. Apart from the standard LED TVs available in the market, HDR will be an additional trigger. For now, HDR has been saved for high-end televisions, though there are not enough HDR content providers available to meet the technology needs. However, over time we will notice HDR compatibility being addressed in a phased manner as per market needs. Likewise 4K sets too require compatible content in order to create the improved picture experience they commit to deliver. At CES 2016, many HDR demonstrations were observed and with 2017 there will be significantly more content providers bolstering the technology. Truvison has been proactive in ensuring the availability of HDR TVs for its consumers at the ideal time they can benefit from this technology. 

4K technology. There has been a substantial rise in 4K channels since 2016. Increasing demand for 4K resolution, both hardware and content, and access to streaming content that supports these features will accelerate the demand for this technology globally. Growing availability of 4K content from online video providers will also support this trend. Truvison has already launched its 65-inch panoramic 4K TV in the market this year and has been receiving a laudable response for the fluidity in its functioning, the lucidity that the pictures portray, and the extravagant gaming experience it delivers.

Smart TV. The adoption of smart TV has improved in many developed regions, as consumers increasingly seek streaming content from online video services. Facts and figures notify that by 2019 more than 50 percent of TV households in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany will have smart TVs. Smart TV household penetration in Japan has already reached 50 percent and will rise to 63 percent in 2019, followed by the United States at 57 percent. Among Western European countries, Germany and the United Kingdom are expected to reach 53 percent penetration for smart TVs in 2019. With developing online content in India, Truvison has also introduced its line of smart TVs with 55-inch screen encompassing a gamut of in-built apps, enabling connectivity, and smart processing.

Curved television. Innovation in design and technology, and quest for novel products, has led to creation of superior features-enabled LED televisions. The phenomenal development of the global curved television market is attributed to several reasons. First and foremost, curved televisions offer advanced features of 3-D compatibility, auto depth enhancement, reduction in reflection, UHD resolution, and high contrast. They are also more economical in terms of energy consumption compared to their flat-screen counterparts. Despite positive attributes, the high prices of curved television sets are detrimental to the growth of the market. OLED screen technology, which is essential for these sets, emits light through the television’s thin screen with the ease of bending to the desired curvature. To fully utilize this capability, manufacturers of curved televisions have invested heavily in R&D, resulting in high prices of curved television sets.

In India, however, the curved screens noticed a rebound even before receiving the estimated blip the technology was intended for. Of many reasons for the counter reactions received, the major cause was the convenience desired from the television to not be in equation with its price point offered. The actual need of a curved screen is to be humungous than it actually is, in order to create an immersive experience. The other drawback is the viewing angles seem ideal for people sitting at the center and not for people on the sides. One of the major aspects of no wall mounting possible with curved screen, and in turn leading to occupying massive space in the house, disappoints the end consumers even further. The advancement of technology and the changing preferences of the consumers in India have been the major reasons for the gradual shift of the manufacturers toward OLED technology. OLED television market is an emerging market in India and is still at a nascent stage. The LED and OLED market is expected to register a burgeoning growth in the future years but this growth is less likely to be sustained owing to the emergence of new upgraded technology over LED and OLED in the market. Truvison will soon be hosting its OLED HDR panels in the market.