India’s air conditioner market is the fastest-growing market in the Asia-Pacific region today, and it is expected to grow continuously in the coming years. Being a developing economy located in the tropical zone, the Indian AC market is quite price-sensitive with little product differentiation. Yet, the penetration of air conditioners which is just 4 percent in the Indian households today is expected to grow in the years to come. With changing perception of the masses toward this category (especially the aspiring middle-class families for whom air conditioning needs are no longer a luxury but a necessity), concepts like smart cities and green buildings gaining momentum, and with the increasing awareness about energy efficiency, the demand for smart, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly air conditioners is growing rapidly. There is also an increasing awareness globally to encourage the use of eco-friendly refrigerants. Many developed countries like US, China, and Japan have already banned the use of R-22 refrigerant which is non-eco-friendly. India is also following the same and as of now, there is a ban on the import of R-22 refrigerant in India.

At Hitachi, innovation is the soul. Time over time, we have introduced products and technologies which have changed the air conditioning industry’s landscape. In the room air conditioning segment, Hitachi’s I-Clean Plus technology is its star technology that cleans the AC filter every 5 hours, which makes the AC more energy efficient with consistent performance, improves the quality of air, and brings convenience to the user. The second important technology is I-See, which optimizes the cooling of the AC after scanning the room layout and the number of users present in the room and cools evenly, thus increasing energy efficiency. The third technology is I-Sense, which automatically adjusts cooling at night by sensing the body movement. The fourth and the most important technology is tropical inverter technology, which makes the AC more powerful without any deration even with 52°C outside. Fifth is product integration with Wi-Fi technology, which enables the AC user to control it from anywhere. Hitachi’s entire inverter AC range uses R-410A refrigerant, which is eco-friendly and ensures minimum ozone layer depletion.

In our current product lineup of room air conditioners, Hitachi offers approximately 36 new models with 108 SKUs. Its world-class design and development team keeps working on the development of new technologies which can simplify the life of its consumers. The main focus is to not only design and develop innovative products, but to also educate the customers and bring more power to them. As a brand, we are bullish over creating more and more awareness about the benefits of 5-star tropical inverter technology-enabled ACs and this reflects in our marketing campaigns as well. Hitachi has also recently launched the highest 6.1 ISEER split inverter air conditioner in the Indian market.

In addition to its innovative range of room air conditioners, Hitachi also offers refrigerators and air purifiers. Globally, the high-end frost-free refrigerators show an upward shift in the consumer preferences and this trend is also catching up in India. With 21 models and 45 SKUs of frost-free premium range of refrigerators, ranging between 253 and 722 liter, Hitachi has 2-door, 3-door, 4-door and 6-door refrigerators available in top-mounted freezer types and bottom-mounted freezer types, side-by-side type, and multi-door type categories. With dual fan cooling technology and inverter technology, its refrigerator range is not only smart inside but also gorgeous outside. Hitachi’s air purifiers are 100 percent made in Japan. Designed to purify the air inside residential spaces, these air purifiers come equipped with advanced filter technology, low operating sound levels with energy savings, and air-purifying and humidifying features.

Every brand endeavors to offer products that meet the consumers’ demands but at Hitachi, we believe in creating products and technologies that set benchmarks in the industry and take consumers’ expectations to a new level. This is because our products and technology are our core and we truly believe that every home deserves nothing less than Hitachi’s perfect cooling solutions.