Vijay Sharma , Director – Sales , Wybor

“New age large format retail chains have also become a very important part of the LED TV market offering lucrative deals and pricing for the customers.”

Technology has driven the TV industry all throughout, from CRTs to LCDs to LEDs, innovation has transformed the so-called idiot box into a smart device that has become a lifestyle commodity and not a mere entertainment tool. The TV industry shakes up again with the inception of smart TVs, an Internet-enabled television, providing rich on-demand content and interacting with the user intelligently. The large number of applications offered by smart TVs and the integration of smart TVs with information communication devices has triggered the growth of the Indian smart TV market contributing around 18–20 percent to sales in India’s electronics sector. The next battle in this industry will be fought on the battlefield of integrated services.

4K Ultra HD TVs are Going to be Mainstream

With UHD 4K TV broadcasts coming to India, 4k TV is becoming a must-have in households. The growth in UHD content rides on the back of an exceedingly better audiovisual experience in the format. Since its introduction in 2012, 4K TVs have taking over retail floor space leaving little if any space for the now fading 1080p TVs. 4K TVs (3840×2160p) deliver four times the resolution of full HD (1920×1080p) models for a picture quality delivery with more detail and clarity. Pricing of 4K TVs is now cost efficient allowing anyone to upgrade to this latest ultra high definition (UHD) format. Wybor has introduced the 4K range of LED TVs in 55 and 65-inch sizes and will be shortly introducing 75-inch 4K smart LED TVs.

40-inch is the New 32-inch

The bigger screen size market now accounts for more than 40 percent of LED TV sales and the growth is being fueled by affordable pricing and rising aspirations of consumers of Tier-II and Tier-III cities. Market size for screens below 32-inch has been contracting by 7–10 percent but what is more surprising is that not only the
32-inch, but more premium categories such as 40-inch and above are also growing faster. The new entrants in the TV industry are driving the growth of the large screen TVs as their products are available at affordable prices and with easy finance options. Wybor has introduced a full range of 12 models in 39, 40, 48, 55, and 65-inch sizes and these models have been well-received by the trade due to high quality and pocket friendly pricing.

Distribution Strategy

Most of the players in TV industry follow the traditional Brick and Mortar module, as most LED TVs are sold through distributors and retailers although online sales also contribute significantly. New age large format retail chains have also become a very important part of the LED TV market offering lucrative deals and pricing for the customers. Domination of these LFR chains is quite evident in Southern markets and the trend is catching on in North Indian markets. In just eight months of its launch, Wybor has been able to start 150 distributors across 14 states and two UTs. Introduction of GST has opened many more avenues for the expanding Wybor distributor and dealer network. Wybor is also planning to open up 25 exclusive experience shops for its products especially for high-end big size LED TVs across the nation along with introduction of new product categories like washing machines and air conditioners.

Advertising and Promotional Strategy

In just eight months of its introduction, Wybor brand has become quite popular because of its USP of good quality and affordable pricing. Wybor has lined up a very strong advertising strategy for the forthcoming festival season, full page press advertisements have been started, which will continue till the year-end. In-shop branding, dealers’ signage, hoardings, and other outdoor promotional activities have already started. Very shortly our TV ad film will be aired on all popular channels from the first week of October 2017. With all these inputs, Wybor will achieve new heights in terms of brand recall and popularity among prospective consumers.