Saurabh Kabra , Director – Business Operations India , Truvison Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Truvison, a Europe-based consumer electronics and appliances company, entered India in the year 2016. We aim to make consumer satisfaction as the key differentiator and we are working relentlessly to create new products and experiences for the Indian consumers. We envision bringing an international feel to the Indian consumers with quality products at the best price. Having sold 5 million products reaching 25 million customers across the globe, keeping in mind the highest quality standard of products and after-sales services, Truvison shall redefine the consumer durables and electronics market in India. With the mixed product portfolio of consumer durables including LED TVs, home audio, and home appliances, Truvison brings soul to technology in India. We have been working aggressively toward creating a stronger connect with the audience and also a stronger outreach for its products, reaching the final mile. We believe in studying the customers’ choices and preferences and bringing offerings as per the ongoing trends.

Our approach is to be more customer centric. This ideology is the way of doing business with your customer to provide a positive customer experience before and after the sale in order to drive repeat business, customer loyalty, and profits, and a customer-centric company is more than a company that offers good service. Customer centricity is not just about offering great customer service, it means offering a great experience from the awareness stage, through the purchasing process, and finally through the post-purchase process. It is a strategy that is based on putting your customer first, and at the core of your business; we believe this shall enable us to bring stronger connect with the Indian audience as this is one area which sees a vacuum. We have engaged in several online/offline models to enable communication at the right touch points.

Next comes distribution which enables the brand to reach consumers. We have very aggressive distribution at the pan India level especially for Tier-II and Tier-III markets. We already have presence in key retail stores. Some of our dominant markets include Southern and Western regions of India. Though we do face challenges in terms of brand recall/awareness, yet we have seen vast acceptance from the consumers due to exceptional quality products and have also defined the communication strategy which shall enable us to establish trust among consumers and also boost sales. Our integrated footsteps have kept online/digital media in focus as we feel this media plays a very key influence when it comes to the final buy. We engage in several shopper marketing as well as several ATL and BTL activities. We have toned and channeled the communication specific to how the consumers would prefer. Our marketing is all consumer-driven, wherein consumers have become product co-creators.

The Indian market for consumer durables and electronics industry has entered a new arena; we see a change in consumer attitude and lifestyle. With higher disposable income consumers are open to versatility and newness which brands offer. Seeing the current standpoint of Truvison and changing market dynamics, we have created a roadmap for a total spend of 5 percent of the topline as the brand expense. Our plans include launch of new products, bringing new technology to the Indian market. We are targeting a 5 percent market share in India by 2022. To ensure the numbers, we have an aggressive marketing strategy with a target investment of 10 percent of our revenue in flagship product communication. This will be accompanied by experiential marketing campaigns. Over the years Truvison has gained a pan India presence. We have built 680+ service centers. We have made our products easily available by clearing all the barriers from distribution to delivery. Our products are available at major LFR and RCS which will be open to trade and easily available for Indian buyers. We aim to revolutionize the way people experience TV in India. Our vision is to change lives for the better with ultimate technology.