Roshan Sirohia , Director , Cruise Appliance Pvt. Ltd.

Over the last few years, Cruise has rapidly gained a good market share and is looking forward to expanding further in the domestic air conditioning business across new geographies. Being a young brand, we aim to achieve this by being innovative and constantly taking inspiration from our consumers, thereby building trust in them. Looking at the consumer buying trend this year it is evident that an air conditioner is a part of their lifestyle and not just a luxury commodity. Hence at Cruise Appliances, we constantly look at using advanced technology to provide our customers with a range of ACs each suited best to the needs of today’s modern contemporary families.

Marketing Strategy

Our strategy from day one has been to provide the best-in-class products with a premium brand experience, all at an affordable value. With these values intact, our marketing initiatives aim to woo our young, dynamic, and demanding customers with rapidly changing lifestyles to invest in superior performance with comfort cooling. With Cruise, our customers not only buy the latest in tech innovations, but make a long-term investment for themselves and their families.

Distribution Strategy

With the rapid awareness of the brand, we have managed to expand our network in the country successfully expanding into northern India states, and further penetrating in western and southern states. Cruise has proudly partnered with more than 500 dealerships this year along with the existing channel of authorized dealers, distributors, and modern retails chains. In addition to this, we have established our presence at selected national and regional retail chains as well. This has helped Cruise ACs to become accessible for a larger set of consumers.

Advertising and Communication Strategy

Cruise’s promise to its customers is invest in yourself. So by investing in a Cruise AC, one invests in better health, better comfort, happiness, and eventually in great sleep. Hence, Cruise launched its first TV commercial this year which highlighted how a great AC can give you the best night’s sleep through our VarioQool Inverter series. For the festive season, we have promoted our premium VarioQool Inverter AC range with its advanced climate control technology, and bundled it with a Philips 5.1 surround sound system. Overall, our customers have reciprocated their appreciation by making this effort a great success, and entrusting us with their valuable business. The campaign has been promoted on TV, newspapers, cinema, and via social media, while being backed by attractive consumer finance schemes and free gifts.

Our Plans

Cruise is driven by the belief that everyone is entitled to great engineering and technology, and these luxuries should be part of each one’s daily lifestyle. We shall focus on providing the best-in-class AC solutions with a range suitable to every need, with the aim to provide a premium customer experience in every way. Eventually, the goal is to be the leading customer choice for premium AC solutions in the Indian market.

Key Achievements

Some of our key achievements being a pioneer in the Indian HVAC industry since 1992, include the launch of dual-throw window ACs and introducing the first tropical split inverter AC in the Indian market. Cruise has also been successful in launching the first portable AC which has been extensively sold and certified by our customers. We also consider sustaining and growing with our stakeholders and customers for over 25 years as one of our biggest achievements.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the leading brand for cooling appliances globally, and to always give back to society and our stakeholders, more than they can imagine.