Nitin Malhotra , CEO ,

Servicing although an integral part of the product life cycle and one that can be leveraged effectively to augment the profits of the TV manufacturing industry at large has been approached in a conventional manner always. Anyone would associate service with engineers running around and struggling to reach in time as per customer expectations. This is what needs a definite change!

Modern service techniques and smart service strategies are at the top when we take our investment decisions. Service strategies that we vouch for are:

  • Remote diagnostics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Product knowledge management
  • Data mining to upsell

Remote diagnostics. At 247around we firmly believe that a diagnostic engine for the televisions at home is the next big trend in servicing. One of the most prized investments in electronics in most homes, our televisions do deserve unique and luxurious care that suits their premium stature. If their brethren in offices, the mighty printers can predict and pre-warn against depleted toner or printer ink, why should TVs be left out of this progressive trend?

No leap of faith or rocket science is required to understand that remote diagnostics can provide early signs of potential failure and help prevent them proactively. Besides it can save a lot of agony that one may face if the TV just buzzes off while you are watching the climax scene of a designated survivor.

Why remote diagnostics makes more sense for a TV?

  • A significantly larger return on investment when it comes to preventive remote care of devices
  • Disruption free – minimizes the need to dismantle a custom-designed wall mount or an elaborate integrated home theatre system. A great help for customers if remote diagnostics of their TV could help identify and resolve issues without disrupting their set up

Predictive analytics. Today even kids use FitBit to decipher the pulse rate, keep a tab on the steps they took through the day, the calories burnt, and even analyze their sleep pattern. The actionable analytics and statistics that wearables can provide in real time are a definite advantage over their distant counterparts. Service because of its close engagement with the customer can help the brand stay in touch with the customers on the ground. The ever-expanding customer database built on the foundation of industry and customer-centric CRM can be a powerhouse of analytics. It can help brands predict the life of a TV on any customer’s wall or plan their go-to market strategy or predict the volume of spares based on real field data.

Product knowledge management. TV manufacturers spend a lot of effort and energy in generating updated content (user manuals, installation demos, and documentation) and ensuring its reach to the end users in a timely manner. Novel content management techniques can reduce a large part of this expense while providing handy, easily accessible, and engaging information in a timely manner to the modern customers.

Upsell. Remote platform can also be leveraged by manufacturers for zero (or minimal additional) cost marketing. Our platform can be a means for a brand’s advertising and promotion strategy as we are directly connected to the existing customers. Sending a message to upgrade to the newest and latest tech baby is only one of the many things we can do by being aware of the age of the television we may be servicing. Screen size, technology, resolution, and thickness that governed the consumer selection criteria for televisions for long, are fast becoming hygiene factors. To get the consumer’s mindshare, what is next on the mind of the manufacturers – more features, higher resolution? Let smart service be the critical differentiator for the Indian customer.

247around’s team is excited to be at the forefront of this inflexion point in the electronics servicing industry. We see a lot of opportunity to leverage the evolving new techniques to spearhead this transformation in the electronics servicing space.

A natural win-win for all that is hard to close eyes to!