Bakshi Television Co., Delhi

JP Bakshi

Brands Retailed: Videocon, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, IFB, and Godrej

Washing machines in 2016-17 witnessed substantial growth owing to changing lifestyle of consumers. Semi-automatic washing machines are still dominating the market in our region. Fully automatic ones hold 20 percent share. We expect 20 percent growth in 2017-18.

Purwar Refrigeration & Electronic Machinal Stores, Katni

Swapnil Purwar

Brands Retailed: Videocon, LG, Samsung, and IFB

Washing Machines Sales (2016-17): 250 units

Annual Turnover: Rs.1.5 crore

Projected Growth (2017-18): 25 percent

Our washing machine sales in the last financial year were average. This year so far has been lucrative mainly owing to demonetization, as consumers purchased high-end washing machines instantly for spending cash. Replacement market saw an uptrend toward top-load, fully automatic washing machines. Increase in number of modern homes is contributing significantly to overall sales. We are aiming to achieve 25 percent growth this year.

Anand Enterprises, Bhilwara

Preyank Bhanwat

Brands Retailed: Videocon, Kelvinator, and Whirlpool

Washing Machines Sales (2016-17): 300 units

Annual Turnover: Rs.1.3 crore

Projected Growth (2017-18): 15 percent

There was an increase of 10–15 percent in washing machines sales. Semi-automatic holds the largest share from our counter; however, fully automatic models are expected to take over in the coming years as consumers are now showing preference for premium products. We are uncertain of how the current year will pan out in terms of sales because of confusion among consumers and retailers regarding GST.

HVT Appliances, Mangalore

Simon Lobo

Brands Retailed: Videocon, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Whirlpool, and IFB

Washing Machines Sales (2016-17): 300 units

Annual Turnover: Rs.4 crore

Projected Growth (2017-18): 15 percent

We experienced a 20 percent growth in 2016-17. In our region, fully-automatic washing machines have gained preference over semi-automatic ones, owing to easy finance options available in the market. 


Kay Bee Electronics, Mumbai

Shyam Kalwani

Brands Retailed: Videocon, LG, Haier, Samsung, Panasonic, Whirlpool, IFB, and Bosch

Manufacturers are constantly increasing their product offerings with various new technologies, especially in premium models segment. Double drum, quicker wash cycles, and noiseless functioning are gaining traction.

Jeevan Enterprises, Bhatinda

Jeevan Kumar

Brands Retailed: Videocon, Samsung, and IFB

Washing Machines Sales (2016-17): 5000 units

Annual Turnover: Rs.30 crore

Projected Growth (2017-18): 25 percent

Like other home appliances, consumers have started enquiring about energy- and water-efficient washing machines, but there is no star rating system yet. Introduction of two drums in fully automatic washing machines will take some time to become a mainstream model owing to high price.

Chandra Traders, Chennai

P Sreekumar

Brands Retailed: LG, Samsung, IFB, Whirlpool, Godrej, and Bosch

Washing Machines Sales (2016-17): 1500 units

Annual Turnover: Rs.29 crore

Projected Growth (2017-18): 10 percent

Hard water being a major concern in many regions, manufacturers are now offering the hard water wash feature in many of their models. In fact, there is a positive response from consumers for the feature. There is an increase in enquiries of Wi-Fi connectivity in fully automatic washing machines, but we feel that it will start gaining momentum in the next financial year.

Pooja Radios, Patna

Kunal Mohan Gandhi

Brands Retailed: LG and Intex

Annual Turnover: Rs.7.5 crore

Projected Growth (2017-18): 15 percent

Earlier our consumer base did not focus on technology factor, while purchasing a washing machine. Awareness among consumers about features in products has drastically increased in the last financial year. They are now switching to fully automatic, top-load washing machines from semi-automatic ones. Washing machines with two washing drums are not expected to be popular in our region for some years to come.


Omega Sports & Radio Works, Gorakhpur

Pankaj Arora

Brands Retailed: LG

Our consumer base prefers semi-automatic washing machines with 7 kg capacity. Sales of fully automatic models with 6–6.5 kg capacity are gradually accelerating.

Coolwell Electrix, Bangalore

KP John

Brands Retailed: LG, Haier, Samsung, IFB, and Bosch

7-kg capacity in front-load washing machines is the most popular segment from our counter. The 7–8 kg in semi-automatic segment is losing market share in our region.

Bajaj Electronics, Aurangabad

Sameer Bajaj

Brands Retailed: Samsung, Whirlpool, and Electrolux

Annual Turnover: Rs.5.5 crore

Projected Growth (2017-18): 15 percent

Changing lifestyle and increase in disposable income have led to an increase in demand for large-capacity 7–8 kg washing machines.

Ratan Singh Bhatia & Sons, Ambala

Preet Singh Bhatia

Brands Retailed: LG and Haier

Annual Turnover: Rs.1.5 crore

Projected Growth (2017-18): 20 percent

The 7-kg semi-automatic washing machine holds the largest share in overall sales at our counter. Pre-GST sales have given a push to 6-kg fully automatic top-load washing machines too.


Sound and Vision, Udaipur

Tarun Aggarwal

Brands Retailed: Haier, Samsung, and Electrolux

Annual Turnover: Rs.8 crore

Projected Growth (2017-18): 30 percent

After demonetization, consumers had become price sensitive. But they are still upgrading their existing models owing to heavy discount offers before GST implementation, and increasing easy finance options.

RA Electronics P Ltd., Vadodara

Dinesh Thakkar

Brands Retailed: LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Whirlpool, and Godrej

Annual Turnover: Rs.35 crore

Projected Growth (2017-18): 20 percent

High growth in fully automatic washing machines indicates that consumers are willing to spend more on latest, premium technologies. We expect this trend to continue in the current financial year as well.

Singh Radio Service, Bareilly

S Sarnpal Singh

Brands Retailed: Samsung, Panasonic, Godrej, Onida, and Electrolux

Annual Turnover: Rs.12 crore

Projected Turnover (2017-18): Rs.15 crore

Affordability is a concern in our region as semi-automatic washing machines still dominate sales. We are hoping to see a change in the trend and consumers transitioning toward fully automatic models.

Ibrahim Brothers, Indore

Kasim Ali

Brands Retailed: Videocon, LG, and Panasonic

Annual Turnover: Rs.14 crore

Projected Growth (2017-18): 20 percent

With a rise in disposable incomes, consumers are shifting to high-end models which have advanced features as well as aesthetic looks.