Kerala government has made its intent of promoting electronics hardware manufacturing in the state through numerous policy initiatives. This includes budget declarations on setting up hardware parks, funding for EMCs, ESDM policy, and formation of a hardware mission. The ESDM policy envisions Kerala to become a preferred destination for ESDM investments and become a leader in electronics design and embedded software in India. Key objectives of the policy are to enhance availability of specialized skills and ready to absorb manpower in the ESDM sector, promote innovation and startups, and ensure availability of infrastructure to promote manufacturing in hardware and electronic goods. The electronics and hardware mission will coordinate the activities being done by various agencies, in the electronics and hardware related sector, under a single umbrella. The mission shall also be a single point of contact for various strategic projects and investment proposals in the sector and this will help present a continuity and accountability to the whole process.

As an initial step the Kerala hardware mission has mapped the electronics and hardware companies across the state and further carried out a survey to identify the existing challenges faced by the companies and to propose schemes based on the real need of the hardware companies. Key concerns highlighted during industry interactions are that local projects are not buying from local manufacturers. Further, the Kerala hardware ecosystem lacks a proper facility for certification and testing (NABL accredited labs). The state is betting heavily on electric mobility and this gives a huge opportunity for attracting manufacturing to the state. There have been extensive consultations in the area of EVs, IT hardware, and components with industrial bodies, OEMs, and experts from Japan and Taiwan.